Dienstag, 22. August 2017
gingdao 1
I missed music. So good right now.

Life's crazy...I'll fly to Shanghai for the weekend.
I live in a 9,2 million city at the sea at least for a month.

But it's sad I couldn't say goodbye to my best friend...she's afraid right now...but I know she'll make it and she'll love it.
I know it because I was at the same point 2 years ago.

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Freitag, 18. August 2017
parler français en Chine
Je ne sais pas pourquoi je me sent come ça.... C'est très difficile de le décrire..
J'ai un temps très bon au moment...c'est tous que je sais...et je réfléchi beaucoup de la façon que je veux ma vie devenir a l'avenir..
C'est une question difficile, mon français est très mauvais et c'est tard ici en Chine.
Bon nuit:)

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Sonntag, 6. August 2017
qu'est-ce que tu pense?
I got drunk and I kissed a stranger yesterday.

I'm counting the days until I see new land.
And until I see him.
It's his birthday today, I wonder what he's doing.

I don't want to settle, I just want keep going. [...]

Don't know if I'm happy right now, butI think so.

I'm hungover and I should get things done today...but I'll just stay in bed all day long, I guess.
I only have 5 days left in germany.... When I come back my best friend' won't be here anymore...

Don't know what to think right now, ,my head is a mess.
Don't know what I want...well, actually I do, at least in some parts.
I'm gonna watch a movie now.

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