1 year ago vs. now
I'm going to France tomorrow!First Time in about 1,5 years or maybe even more I'm leaving Germany again!

I'm so happy. I missed travelling so much, it really is one of my biggest passions!

I can't believe everything is so good right now.
If I compare it to a year ago, it's insane

Last year I was living in a shared flat where I hated it to live in. I felt lonely. I didn't really have a plan what I'm doing. Corona made many plans not work out. I was kind of lost. I was in a really toxic realationship, I felt angry and sad and misunderstood so much and I was in pain. I had a lot of trouble with my mom. I had to move a lot last year and didn't know where I'll finally stay. There were a few great and exciting things last year but also a lot of boredom, sadness, tears, pain and anger....

Right now I live in a city I'm happy to stay in for now in a nice shared flat, I am extremly busy in the best way possible, I met this really cute and hot guy, that I really like and that really likes me- and no joke: he really treats me 1000 times better than my ex. I am studying again, I have a job that I like and more money than ever before (still not a hole lot, but good considering I'm a student I guess), the things with my mom got more calm, it's good to have a bit of distance between us I suppose...I' gonna travel a lot this summer and see my friends and maybe, just maybe...next year I'll have half a year where I can just do whatever I want (maybe travel?) and then study in Oslo for half a year...let's see
But whatever. I feel good again. I feel strong again. I finally feel like myself again

and I'm so so incredibly grateful for the way things turned out. I'm so grateful for being able to live this exact life. It really is amazing.

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